Create Heirloom Quality Art

No matter your artistic skill level, you can make beautiful quilts to decorate your home, farm, garden, garage, etc. They also make thoughtful gifts.

I do not consider myself a crafty person. I definitely do not have the patience for creating real quilts from fabric.

Barn quilts are truly simple and satisfying to make.

This course will take you step-by-step through the whole process of creating your own unique folk art.

Barn Quilts aren't just for barns!

They look beautiful on houses, fences, walls, wherever!

What This Course Provides

Complete Video Tutorials

Follow along step-by-step for complete video lessons, each with a different barn quilt pattern. Or watch the videos to learn the process and explore additional styles.

Printable Guide - 13 Patterns

This course comes with a printable guide including patterns, supply lists, discount codes, and more.

Tips, Tricks, & Troubleshooting

Skip the learning curve with provided supply lists, tips, and tricks! With this course you will get perfect results the first time.

How the Course Works

First I'll take you through a brief history of barn quilts and a course overview.

Next, you can choose to follow along while I make a simple Ohio Star, or the more complicated Carpenter's Wheel quilt patterns (additional pattern options available).

We'll cover prepping your surface, laying out the pattern, creating the quilt, and finishing it with the perfect preservation methods to keep it looking great for years.

Lastly I'll take you through some troubleshooting solutions and share how you can even sell your creations.

The course also includes a BONUS "stained glass" barn quilt craft.

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